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Frequently Asked Questions

Senior Couple

Do you offer hospice care?

We work closely with related agencies to provide the best dignified end of life care to clients in their own home. 


Family can spend quality time with their loved one knowing their care needs are being met.

What do you charge?

Through consultation and development of a personalized care plan we work with you to meet your unique needs.

Where do we start?

Contact us to arrange a personal meet and greet so we can discuss your needs.

Do you provide services to people in care homes or hospitals?

Yes we do. We work in conjunction with the home or hospital.

Do you have transportation for people who use wheelchairs?

We can arrange service with the Weyburn Care-A-Van Society to transport those in a wheelchair or rent the accessible van for in or out of town trips.

Will you clean my home?

We do not provide a cleaning service. We can provide you with a list of cleaning service providers in Weyburn.

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